Contemporary Dance that resonates and reverberates


Exploring themes, narratives, and the architecture of performance through dance and movement.


Crafting original movement vocabularies through research and development.


Empowering creativity and celebrating art across genres

Our Contemporary Dance Company

Creating original thematic, narrative, and emotive work, through dance and movement. Empowering, performing and choreographing contemporary art that resonates and reverberates beyond perceived limitations.

David Hudson

Inspired by artists with dynamic, intricate, and bold perspectives. David has been creating and appreciating contemporary dance for over twenty years. Born and raised in England, David currently lives and works in Ontario, Canada.


“Celebrating dance, whatever your perspective may be, empowering people to have access to and enjoy movement. There is community in dance, fellowship in story-telling, and a need for diverse outlooks to facilitate the development and growth of these crafts to inspire generations of artists.” –David Hudson


David Hudson talks about his company and their ethos towards empowering access to contemporary dance.

We’re committed to innovation and evolution in our approach to contemporary dance performance.

Footage from 2018 community projects.


Questions & Answers

What is ‘contemporary dance’?

Contemporary dance is an expressive style of dance that abandons the rigid conformity of classical dance techniques. Contemporary dance is an ever-evolving vocabulary for movement.

Do I need to be a good dancer to participate in workshops/classes?

The classes are usually described as either Beginner, Intermediate, Or advanced;
Beginner – Focusing on basic alignment, we explore exercises and sequences that nurture strength, flexibility, dynamic, and coordination.
Intermediate – Focus on travelling, technique, and performance. We build upon our foundations to extend and challenge ourselves.
Advanced – Focus on broadening vocabulary, dynamic performance, and thematic quality. Choreographic intention and application of techniques are athletically explored.

Can I hire a choreographer for my event/project?

Absolutely. Email us to discuss your event/project and what we can offer.