Contemporary Dance that resonates and reverberates


Exploring themes, and dynamic storytelling through dance and movement


Crafting movement vocabularies through research and development


Celebrating exploration and connectivity

A Contemporary Dance Company located in Hamilton, Ontario

Creating original work that connects people through emotive dance and movement.

We present contemporary dance art that resonates and reverberates.

David Hudson

Inspired by an array artists with bold perspectives. David has been creating and appreciating contemporary dance for over twenty years. Born and raised in England, David currently lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario.


The DHDC, as part of Hamilton’s creative landscape, strives to advance the vibrant professional dance community in the city of Hamilton, by creating opportunities to celebrate high-quality dance presentation and choreography of national significance


David Hudson talks about his company and their ethos towards empowering access to contemporary dance.

We’re committed to innovation and evolution in our approach to contemporary dance performance.

Footage from 2018 community projects.